“When I was in the Army I used to get sick frequently. I attributed this to a weakened immune system caused by stress, strenuous physical exertion, and lack of sleep and operating in “less than ideal” environments. I started looking for a way to strengthen my immune system and settled on Astragalus. I have taken Herbal Fortress Astragalus Forte twice a day for many years now with great results and no side effects. After getting on a daily regimen of Astragalus Forte, I rarely got sick and when I did get sick, I recovered more quickly. Now I am retired from the Army and teach in a high school. There are sick people all around me, yet I manage to stay healthy. I believe that Astragalus Forte is still at work helping to keep my immune system strong. I swear by it! ” Mark

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to our wonderful customer Mark who spent a total of 23 years in the Army: 10 years in Germany, 5 in Korea, 2 in Australia with deployments to Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait), Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and KFOR 4A (Kosovo). Also spent time in Egypt as well as many Eastern European countries serving our country! – Dr. Parker

”I started using Herbal Fortress Astragalus Forte after reading an article in Dr. Weil’s newsletter about 3-4 years ago and although I do occasionally get a cold, I feel it has really helped me to stay healthy. I get my shipments in a timely manner and Herbal Fortress is a great company to work with. Because there are so many supplement companies out there, I appreciate knowing and trusting that I am getting exactly what I want and that only the best quality ingredients are used in their products.”
Shelley P.

“My job requires me to put in consistently long hours at work. After a while, I found that I was feeling generally run down and getting many more colds and experiencing more bouts of flu than had been usual for me. My white blood cell count was at the very low end of sort of normal, which is hereditary. And my system couldn’t tolerate vitamin C or any of the thera-flu type supplements. A friend who had gone to medical school advised me to read one of Andrew Weil’s books. Dr. Weil’s recommendation of astragalus, and, in particular, Dr. Parker’s preparation, seemed apposite. And it was. I started taking Herbal Fortress Astragalus Forte about ten years ago. My white cell count is actually in the normal range now, and I rarely get sick — notwithstanding that I still put in long, stressful hours and now spend a lot of time with young children who are effectively petri dishes. I believe that the Herbal Fortress Astragalus Forte supplements have contributed greatly to the improvement of my overall wellness. As has Dr. Parker herself. She has a broad, current knowledge of supplements and wellness in general, is extremely responsive, and genuinely cares about her clients.” AW

“The Herbal Fortress product quality is only surpassed by their excellent customer service! I have been taking Herbal Fortress Astragalus Forte for over 10 years – and I have remained healthy even though I am exposed to germs on a regular basis from my family members who work in medical facility.” Allyn P.

“We have purchased Herbal Fortress products for approximately 4 years and appreciate the company’s quality, customer service and pricing. We especially like the Herbal Fortress nutritional supplement, Astragalus Forte, as it helps maintain a strong immunity system. And, it is standardized to 16% polysaccharides and 0.2% flavones. This standardization is key to benefitting from the therapeutic effects of astragalus. We also appreciate the advice we receive from Margo Jordan Parker, OMD. She is knowledgable, intelligent and responsive regarding our questions and orders. Thank you, Herbal Fortress!” RW and LW

I have been using Astragalus since Providence Integrated Medicine prescribed it while I was doing Chemo and Radiation for breast cancer in 2005. My physician talked to me about the benefits and I have been taking your Astragalus ever since. Astragalus is an adaptogen with no known side effects. It enhances the immune system. I use to get a viral infection every time I traveled by plane or was in large crowds. That is no longer the case. I just do not get sick any more. I may get a sniffle once in a while and it is gone in 24 hours. I personally take 1 capsule, 3 times a day, every day. That’s what works for me because I have found that twice a day is not enough for my system. It is wise to seek council with someone knowledgeable in medicine and herbal products before embarking on an herbal supplement journey, as I did. Astragalus is one herbal I will not do without and Herbal Fortress quality is exceptional. Winter is here. Protect yourself.
Susan V. Johnson RN BSN