Privacy Policy OLD

Herbal Fortress never shares or sells customer contact information to a third party, e-mail, phone, address information is all kept completely private. Submitting your e-mail or phone number to Herbal Fortress is totally optional and can be added or not when placing an order. We do appreciate having your e-mail or phone number to the order page in case there is any reason why we may need to get in touch with you regarding your order. But if you do not want any e-mail or phone contact, we will remove you from our lists. We only phone customers regarding an order if we do not have an e-mail contact. We do not phone or snail mail customers with any marketing information, and we never share our contact information with anyone. We do need your mailing address to send product, but we do not share that information with anyone. But we would never share that information with anyone else and only executives at Herbal Fortress are privy to our customer’s contact information. We occasionally send out our own Herbal Fortress monthly newsletter to our customers. Each newsletter provides an opportunity for you to ask not to receive them and if so, your e-mail address will then be taken out of our list. Non-customers sign up for our newsletter online, and they can also ask to be taken off of the list at any time.