Herbal Fortress® Astragalus Forté


60 capsule soft pack

Obtained from the root of Astragalus membranaceous in the pea family, astragalus has a long history in Chinese medicine for prevention of disease. Astragalus in TCM has a special affinity for the ‘metal’ element and benefits the lung, large intestine and skin. And due to the body/mind connection can be beneficial for anyone dealing with stress.

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Product Description

Health benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus also helps to balance night or day sweats by what is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine is its ability to help build Yin and Blood as well as the protective Chi in the body. In Western Medicine, Astragalus has been shown to benefit the immune system by increasing natural killer cell activity, and by boosting bodies’ production of antibodies and interferon. Astragalus has numerous immune enhancing benefits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, long-term intake of Astragalus builds Chi (Vital Life Energy) in the body. This extra Chi helps to prevent depletion of our resources. Astragalus in combination with Dong Quai improves the circulation of Chi and blood in the skin making it more supple and healthy.

  • Standardized Extract – Laboratory Tested, Quality Guaranteed
  • Helps Maintain a Strong Immune System **
  • 500mg Astragalus Root Extract
  • 16% Polysaccharides, 0.2% flavones
  • Botanical name: Astragalus membranaceus/ Pin Yin: Huang Qi
  • 60 Vegetarian capsules/soft pack
  • Dose: 1 capsule/2-3x/day taken with warm water or tea.
  • May be taken with food or between meals.