Why Herbal Fortress

Herbal Fortress products start with the highest quality ingredients and each batch is tested using highly sophisticated equipment to make sure that each batch is consistent with Dr. Parker’s original formulation for each product. We have certificates of analysis on file for every batch of Herbal Fortress product that is manufactured.

Our products are manufactured in the USA using state-of-the art pharmaceutical quality manufacturing equipment. The quality of the raw herbs must adhere to stringent pharmaceutical certifications.

All Herbal Fortress products are manufactured under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards as well as more stringent pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. Each batch of our product is supervised by chemists who are trained Quality Control (QC) experts. Certificates of Analysis are kept on file for each batch to document that our product contains what we claim it contains, and that the recommended dosage is up to – or exceeds the established standard therapeutic dose.

The Herbal Fortress Forte line consists of single, standardized extracts of the active constituent in each herb. This results in a product that really works therapeutically.

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Download the technical specifications document (PDF) for more information.