Herbal Fortress® Astragalus Forté

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  • Standardized Extract – Laboratory Tested, Quality Guaranteed
  • Helps Maintain a Strong Immune System **
  • 500mg Astragalus Root Extract
  • 16% Polysaccharides, 0.2% flavones
  • Botanical name: Astragalus membranaceus/ Pin Yin: Huang Qi
  • 60 Vegetarian capsules/bottle Dose: 1 capsule/2-3x/day taken with warm water or tea. May be taken with food or between meals.

“Throughout our lives our immune systems are under assault from environmental toxins. Living in crowded cities, traveling frequently in airplanes, and spending time in day care centers and schools all expose us to many more germs than people had to deal with in the past. We can protect and strengthen our immunity by eating right, getting enough activity and rest, practicing stress reduction, and cultivating healthy emotional states.

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